“Rev” by faxdoc & Daniel Riise.

“A small game about hunting animals.”

No, in “Rev” you do not play as a hunter who chooses to shoot down little forest critters for pure pleasure or something like that; instead you are the leader of a fox family. Daily you must provide food for the other foxes in your den, so there is only one option left: Hunting other animals before the sun sets down.

Each game day in “Rev” has a timespan of five hundred seconds or eight minutes and twenty seconds. If you are not able to deliver each level’s target amount of food, the day will simply start over, giving you a new chance to succeed. The design of the hunting itself has some neat and strategical components to it. For example, if you stand still, you can see the trails of other animals slowly fade in on the ground. If you trace them back, you might find your next prey.

Also, killing other animals will depend on your timing, precision and soft stealth skills. It is recommendable to slowly sneak up to them and when you are in the reach without getting seen, you simply charge up your attack and try to strike them down. Quite often that will not work on the first attempt, leading the injured creatures to run away, but if you are persistent, you will surely find them again.

While each level looks the same, your prey changes on each day. In the start you will mostly encounter bunnies which are easy to capture, but the deers and bulls are on another level. Luckily for you, each successful day leads to a new skill for you to unlock, and you do not have to hunt alone: At least one other fox will join you, though it depends on your planning skills how helpful it will actually be. Taken as a whole, “Rev” is simply a wonderfully designed hunting game with excellent pixel art.