“Shattered” by Yasaman Farazan, Jasmin Habezai-Fekri, Svenja Rösner & Sadegh Boroomand.

“The player takes the role of the little blue bird and starts the game by searching for his brother. Once reaching the village, he uses his magical bell to defeat the dark creatures threatening his fellow birds. To find the source of these so called ”Nightmare” creatures and to save his brother, who is headed to the mountain, the player has to embark on a journey to the top of the mountain.”

The visual style of the narrative puzzle platformer “Shattered” was what caught my interest first, but at the end I was left with a little shocking moment. Yes, the world of the game seems to be a peaceful and colorful one, even though some shadow monsters loiter it. They are pretty harmless, as you can fight them off easily with your magic bell and some reaction skills. The little puzzle elements in form of disappearing platforms are not difficult to solve as well. So what’s so special about the game in my eyes?

Besides the wonderful color choices and the character design, it’s the writing. The small dialogues manage to evoke the feeling of a mystic danger that’s heading for the village, where the bird we play as lives. Even better is the plot twist in the end: After we built up enough courage to find our brother and to face any menace eventually, it gets all broken in a bittersweet cutscene. Let’s just say that “Shattered” has a very interesting ending you can interpret in many ways. A short adventure with shallow cuteness, which might deceive you to hope for an happy end.