Six Cats Under

“Six Cats Under” by Team Bean Loop (Miles Äijälä, Robin Swift, Tomas Beržinskas & Alex Martin).

“A little [point and click] puzzle game where you rescue your herd of cats by directing them with your poltergeist powers.”

In “Six Cats Under”, you play as the ghost of a recently passed away cat lady. The old woman just wanted to get something to read from her bookshelf, but suddenly the furniture toppled down and buried her. However, she cannot just go into the afterlife just yet, as she wants to free her beloved pets, which are still trapped inside the flat. So she decides to use her ghost powers to interact with her everyday items, hoping that somehow the door gets opened.

While she cannot move anything on her own, she can release a bit of energy to handle small objects. For example, she can still open the window a tiny bit, she is able to press switch buttons and the movement of very lightweight things like papers is possible, too. That way, it is be possible for the elderly ghost woman to cause a series of fortune events in “Six Cats Under”, which will let her cats escape, so that they do not starve. Maybe even one of the kitties themselves could open up the path to freedom? You will surely find out soon enough in this beautifully designed puzzle game. [PLAY]