“Sizeable” by Sander Ambroos & Jamal Green.

“[A]n exploration game where the player has to find mysterious pillars by resizing the objects in the world around them!”

In the puzzle game prototype “Sizeable”, you have to find three pillars in each level to progress to the next one. That may not sound really exciting, but finding the objects will require a bit of creative thinking and a good usage of the title’s resizing mechanic. Certain items like cars, batteries, trees and many others can be resized into something small-, average- or gigantic-sized.

While the resizing mechanic of “Sizeable” is nothing completely new, the implementation of it and the consequent puzzle design sure are awesome. For example, in one stage you can shrink and grow the moon as you wish to, so that the lunar effects on the world change, too; congratulations, you are now the ruler of the tides! In another level you can do the same with the sun, forcing the environment to go fast through the seasons. A bird built a nest in a tree while it was springtime? Fantastic, but now winter has come, so you can find a miniature pillar left behind between the leafless branches.

There are only four levels to play through so far, so you better give it a try yourself to see if you can come up with the solutions on your own. But let me assure you that it is incredibly much fun to try out what consequences your actions will have in “Sizeable”. I am definitely looking forward to more sweet riddles like this.