Small Saga

“Small Saga” by Jeremy Noghani.

“Venture below the streets of London, and you will find the bustling kingdom of Rodentia, home to creatures great and small. The mouse brothers Verm and Lance have heard rumour of a divine food hoard. But to reach it, they will have to venture through the territory of the lawless sewer rats…”

The demo version of the rodents featuring role-playing game “Small Saga” is an absolute blast. Not only is the pixel art exquisite and the isometric view surprisingly working well, but the whole narration is incredibly intriguing too. You start off as the mice brothers Lance and Verm. In their possession is a letter written by their father, where he states that a place called Heaven exists. In Heaven, so the legend goes, they can find as much food as they want.

Of course, the two adventurous animals go for a journey to find this mystical paradise. But as they make their way through the underground and look out for more hints, they meet a group of rowdy rats. Fights are inevitable now. When they are victorious, the leader of the rat pack will state that Heaven is not what it used to be anymore. A new entity is ruling over it: The Yellow God. Twenty minutes of excellent role-playing game action await you. For me, “Small Saga” evoked some good memories on “Final Fantasy IX”, especially thanks to the somehow ‘medieval’ sounding battle theme and partly of the very dramatic events in the story. [PLAY]