Space Bubble Cat

“Space Bubble Cat” by Emma Daues.

“[A] very personal piece about a lonely cat who floats through space.”

When you ask the members of the Bitsy community about their favorite Bitsy game, it is very likely that some of them will tell you about the title “Space Bubble Cat”. When I played it for the first time, I had tears in my eyes afterwards. One reason for that is the sad scenario, of course, as we play as a little cat that steadily gets carried away, all alone inside a bubble in the universe. All this floating around without any destination or even the possibility to control the fragile vessel made them eager to create a bond with any other life form at all. They want a friendship, nothing more, nothing less. But of course it is not easy to find a friend in space, as there can happen many kinds of misunderstandings.

But my tears also came out of joy, thanks to the very hopeful message at the end. So yes, there is a happy end, sort of at least, but not quite as stereotyped as you might think right now. “Space Bubble Cat” is clever, beautiful, sad and wholesome at the same time; a perfect metapher for any of us who try to fight the loneliness. All of that comes in the form of an animated comic strip or visual novel. Brush the dust off your astronaut’s helmet, because I beg you to dive into this little masterpiece right now. [PLAY]