Stick It To The Stick Man

“Stick It To The Stick Man” by Free Lives (Evan Greenwood, Rohun Ranjith, Jason Sutherland, Jarred Lunt & Deon van Heerden).

“[It is] a [physics brawler] where you fight stick men to get your job back. Fire them or be fired yourself […] [while] you keep learning new (and more powerful) moves.”

Without embellishing it in a visual way, “Stick It To The Stick Man” is a highly violent game. In this vivid brawler you will have to destroy your opponents – all of them former work colleagues and superiors of yours – in each office, using a wide variety of weapons. After all, you have been rationalized out of the company, and there is only one logical conclusion – if your ex-colleagues cannot do their jobs anymore, you can certainly have them for yourself.

Trapped in this hyper-capitalist delusion, you work your way up to the top of the building. Along the way you will be able to learn new abilities and get different weapons, upgrade them and rearrange the order of your attacks, improve your skills and much more. Whether you prefer to go into battle armed with axes, coffee cups, hammers, staplers or black hole guns, or greet your enemies with a roundhouse kick right to the face, one thing is granted: Everyone will find their style here.

However, this rush of violence is only garnished with minimalist splatter, since all the characters are stick figures, as the title suggests. Besides, the real icing on the cake is hidden after the final boss fight against the flagship of today’s capitalism. Let the fight begin! [PLAY]