Stones of Solace

“Stones of Solace” by Dziff, Armel Gibson & Jason Sutherland.

“[A] minimalistic and contemplative ritual, offering you a quiet space for relaxation. Find out what your idol is every day, and take some of your time to craft them a gift.”

“Stones of Solace” is a bit like the meditation session under the newest indie games: Each day offers a new experience, the only goals in there are the ones you set for yourself and with a bit of practice, you get better and better. So, what exactly do you have to do? Well, each day you will get ‘confronted’ with a new idol. For that spirit, you have to craft a little gift. A composition of flowers, stones and other natural ingredients, to be precise (a game mechanic that brings back memories of one of my most beloved jam games titled “Eternal Home Floristry”, by the way). But you can’t make any mistakes in there, as the act of creating the gift is the most important thing itself. So give yourself a little break from all the stressful games and take some minutes to make something beautiful.

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This one is beautiful.