“Tala” by Matthew Petrak & Cody Rueger.

“After finding a seed out in the woods, take control of Tala and get the townsfolk’s help in making it grow.”

The prototype of “Tala” is described by its developers as a supplemental game to the upcoming full release, dated to estimatedly December 2019 on the related successful Kickstarter campaign. Here, you step into the shoes of the eponymous Tala just a moment after she found some suspicious seed on the ground. One of the senior villagers calls her over and gives her the task to plant and grow this seed. But who would have thought: That’s not as easy as it sounds, as the girl doesn’t have any watering can lie around. Maybe one of the other townfolk has one? For sure, but some service in return is needed.

“Tala” is beautiful to look at. The background graphics are processed nature photographs and all the other images are drawn by hand. This interesting mix of styles creates an environment which could have arisen from some book of fairytales. Also, the game highly reminds me of the amazing adventure “Machinarium”, as no words are spoken or written – the images will tell you the whole story and quests on their own. A refreshing and cute demo, which hopefully grows into something really special.