The Doll Shop

“The Doll Shop” by Atelier Sentô (Cécile Brun & Olivier Pichard), Emeric Durdos, Dimitri Mazy, Baptiste Godier, Clément Lavarenne, Coralie Magère, Adrian Malfatti, Yoan Vernet, Manon Salomon, Ambre Sedogbo, Max Simoneau, Hugo Aubert, Mylène Aubry, Maxence Augereau, Augustin Cagnat, Julie Gouedart Lafeuille, Anaïs Linkowski, Aude Marc-Martin, Laetitia Milh, Clémence Noël, Louis Sorbon, Aurore Sole & Dorian Touchet.

“Day after day, in this desolate village, I take care of my dolls. They are my family. The people here wouldn’t understand. But you’re not like them. […] If I tell you my secret… you won’t be afraid.”

In art and media, dolls are often described as kind of beautiful, but also creepy artifacts. Especially in horror movies those toys act mostly as the haunted vessels or reincarnations of evil spirits (remember Chucky from “Child’s Play”?). But what about the people who create or collect them? In “The Doll Shop”, you take over one of these personalities.

Here you run a little shop in the heart of a tiny village, where you repair delicate porcelain dolls. Of course, business is running slow, as not many people are still around; but those who still live here seem to share a strong sense of community and thereby you are able to do a living. Everyone knows everyone over here. And that’s the reason why the village is even now, months after it happened, shook up. What it is? A girl just disappeared off the face of earth in Summer. The perpetrator wasn’t found.

What’s the connection to your character and your doll shop? That’s difficult to explain without spoiling the whole experience in advance. So I’d suggest you make yourself a hot beverage and get ready to rouge and restore some fragile dolls, to complete your butterfly collection, to eat some ramen with a childhood acquintance for dinner and to find out about the true nature of yourself. But one playthrough might not be enough, as “The Doll Shop” won’t just fascinate you with its wonderful watercolor visuals, but also intrigue you with three different endings.