The Good Time Garden

“The Good Time Garden” by Will Todd & James Carbutt.

“Explore a throbbing pink world full of strange naked creatures to gather food for your friend in this short, surreal experience.”

It’s hard to nail down what “The Good Time Garden” is about. Is it a comedic NSFW gardening game, where you ‘grow’ food for the hungry creature in the center? Or is the humor and the cartoon nudity just a masquerade to deceive the players from the deeper meaning? I mean, the game could easily be a metaphor for the destructive power of overwhelming sexual desires.

Let me explain this thought a bit: You control the naked dude and explore the garden, but suddenly you find this seemingly harmless lifeform in its middle. It’s small, it’s cute, but it also looks kind of peckish. So what to do? Exactly, of course you are looking for some food. You come across a bird man, who is protecting his eggs, but in exchange for some delicious fruits he will get distracted and whoops, there you go. You grab the egg, bring it to the starving critter and… It grows massively, just like its hunger.

Again and again you go on a quest to find new treats for it. It will get larger and at some point the hunger turns into a pure, greedy appetite. Your role transforms as well, as you are not just a helpful stranger anymore, but a simple servant. What started as a search for some eggs and milk will turn into a journey for much, much darker desires and lead to a explosion of the senses.

But hey, maybe I overthink it and it’s just an amazingly animated game about dick and tits jokes.