The Last Day

“The Last Day” by Studio Kiku (Dennis Cabella & Daniele De Batté).

“[A] dystopian graphic adventure. […] Today is your last day. Last day of work, last day of life. Go home… [I]f you find a way.”

“The Last Day” could be described as a puzzle point’n’click adventure version of “Groundhog Day” with a grim, dystopian setting. You are a retiring office worker, and just as you want to leave your old cubicle behind you, you are realizing that you can’t open the door to go out. It seems like you forgot your identification card. So you have to explore the environment for a bit to find objects to interact with, but besides a paper plane and the blinking lights coming from the control circuit board, not much can be found. Well, you will quickly find the solution for sure, because the puzzle fun really begins when you are outside.

The outer world proves to be quite dangerous, with defective power lines and overprotective guard drones leading to your sudden death, if you are not careful enough. Eventually, you will find the end of this game to be somewhat unexpected, even supernatural and up for interpretation. Is it the capitalism that will finally consume you or something completely else? Find out for yourself in this already fantastic demo version of “The Last Day”.