The Librarian

“The Librarian” by Octavi Navarro.

“Liz’s temple and safe place is threatened by the unknown, by ghosts from her own darkest dreams. She must go investigate. [She is] the Librarian, after all.”

“The Librarian” starts off with a moment that could be the first event written in a gothic novel: A young woman named Liz lies peacefully in her bed, reading a book in the glimmering light of a candle, but suddenly a strong blast of air seems to open her formerly closed window. As soon as she relights the candle, she notes that she is not alone anymore. A little owl stands on her bed rail with a piece of paper in the mouth; it says “SOMETHING IS WRONG IN THE LIBRARY!”

Liz is the Librarian, so she has no choice but to investigate the source of disturbance in her personal sanctuary of books. On her way she must tame a beast, putting an angry spirit to sleep and stare into the eyes of a giant raven. In best point and click adventure manner you as the player have to solve puzzles to do so, all of them neither too difficult to disturb the narrative or too easy to shrink the pleasure of the gameplay. But Octavi Navarro already proved the quality of his puzzle design skills in the “Midnight Scenes” episodes to us, as attentive readers of this blog will remember.

It is a wonderful short adventure, full of little spooky elements and mystery. Navarro dedicated this game to his deceased father, maybe because he was the one that taught him how to read and thereby afired a passion for literature in the child, or maybe because Navarro thought that this was the best game he made on his own to this point. We do not know, and we do not need to. It is a beautiful way to honor a beloved one. That is the most important thing about it. [PLAY]