The Mission

“The Mission” by Stanislav Vorobiov.

“[You] play as a spider bot that landed on a strange hostile planet. Your mission is to explore this unknown world.”

I love the general game mechanic when you play as a spider-like creature, shooting webs at platforms and surfaces, so that you can swing around to get from one place to another. In “The Mission”, this core concept can even give you an advantage while fighting off various grotesque enemies. There are chainsaw-wielding winged monsters, moving blobs that will try to launch their spikes right at your fragile body and of course the final boss with its multiple stages.

The boss design is the absolute centerpiece of “The Mission”, as it is not only challenging, but involving several elements of different genres. Sometimes you only have to react fast and dodge its attacks, before you will find yourself in the middle of a bullet hell battle in the next second. Some puzzle and platformer elements also found their way in there. Even though the game is ‘only’ in its demo stage right now, it already convinced me with its consistent aesthetics, gameplay and polish. [PLAY]