The Painter

“The Painter” by Antonia Kiili, Embla Fröberg, Jesper Bentzer, Chloë Dunn-Asselin, Daniel Nyberg, Alexander Wedman, Victor Jespersen, Beatrice Karlsson, Kevin Fransson, Attila Herczeg & Mikael Karlsson.

“Jump from painting to painting to unravel the dark story of a family. Remove the smudges to relive the memories and uncover the painting’s true state.”

The short platformer “The Painter” with a focus on storytelling has two big strengths. First of all, obviously the marvelous visual style. The game looks simply beautiful. In the form of a little white rabbit you jump from one painting to another, and each of the paintings tells you more about the life of its creator and the tragedy behind it. Each of the six different paintings also delivers little details with the help of the background audio.

The second big strength is the kind of environmental storytelling. Even though the narrative is a widely used cliché, it is always fascinating to see a game telling a story without using any words. The environment itself is the narrator. By jumping into the black ink spots in the images, the rabbit will clear them up and thereby deliver new information. All in all, “The Painter” is a great little experience with a delightful core concept. [PLAY]