The Pedestrian

“The Pedestrian” by Skookum Arts.

“Use creativity to rearrange and connect the signs to create a path to continue your journey. The Pedestrian must use his creative ability and puzzle-solving skills to avoid and overcome obstacles in the signs.”

The puzzle platformer “The Pedestrian” is in development at least since December 2016 and is finished to ninety-five percent, as the official website of the game states. However, you can already play a demo version of the game which will familiarize you with the basic concept and wonderfully fun mechanics. Each level presents you a set of public as well as traffic signs. Think of these signs as single rooms, which you can reposition however you like. They have little nodes on their exits, either doors or ladders. You will have to figure out the correct connection between those nodes, so you can progress to the next stage. Of course, there are some conventional puzzle elements like keys and switches involved as well.

The demo version of “The Pedestrian” does not include super difficult puzzles so far, but the ten to fifteen minutes of playtime are still totally worth it! The tutorial is pretty subtle, as the hints for new interaction forms are always just displayed in the background on different screens, which is a very charming way to include the instructions. It is also a delight to see the little fellow go through one door just to pop out somewhere else. [PLAY]