The Supper

“The Supper” by Octavi Navarro, Lauren Davidson & Joel Murray.

“Ms. Appleton wakes up in her tavern’s kitchen. The [v]oice inside her head is still there. It won’t leave her alone. It commands her to serve a very special meal to some distinguished customers.”

To combine horror media with the act of cooking is a good old tradition, and that happens for good reasons. For instance, food-related killings can come in various facets, like poisoning meals, using human flesh as ingredients, cooking the victims while they are alive or to even feed the nearly dead persons their own organs. “Hannibal”, “Delicatessen”, “Soylent Green” – they all did it. And sure, why not? These killings can be portrayed in a gruesome, horrible way. The thoughts of consuming another human disgusts us and to dying by such an everyday activity like eating is frightening us. Such acts strike us as pure evil, as they are mostly happening for the satisfaction of sexual lust, pure appetite for human flesh or out of greed reasons.

While the point and click adventure called “The Supper” combines food and horror as well, it goes into a whole other direction. Here, a little old lady named Ms. Appleton with stilts instead of legs has to murder her three customers with special meals, because the voice in her head tells her so. The game is pretty short and can be finished within fifteen minutes, but even in this short timeframe you can not wonder about the storyline and its twists. Questions will come to your head. You might ask yourself, if the voice is just a hallucination of Ms. Appleton. Or you will think about her lost legs – are they the main ingredient of the special sauce? Why does the voice wants to see the three customers, a bunch of pirate bandits, dead? Maybe the elder cook just wants their treasure chest, after all?

Let me tell you, that “The Supper” will reveal the answers to your question in a surprising way. Take the stunning pixel art as an appetizer, while you enjoy the spicy taste of the entrée – the brutal deaths -, garnished with some crispy puzzles. The course will be finished with a bittersweet ending as a dessert. Et voilà! Supper is served.