The Zium Museum (2017)

“The Zium Museum (2017)” by Alamantus, Alivia Horsley, Alphagravy, Charlie Stone, Conor Mccann, Cosmo D, Dan Emmerson, Eli Rainsberry, Farah Coculuzzi, G.P. Lackey, Gareth Damian Martin, George Buckenham, Keane Ng, khalkeus, Ktch0, Matthew Keff, Michael Berto, Moshe Linke, Nick Preston, Nicole Rusk, Nina Pal, Pippin Barr, Pol Clarissou, Quinn Spence, Sofia da Silva, Space Backyard (Alessandro Arcidiacono, Gianluca Pandolfo, Maddalena Grattarola & Simone Tranchina), Studio Oleomingus (Dhruv Jani & Sushant Chakraborty), Thomas Newlands, Tom Kitchen, Vaida Plankyte, Victor Mosquera, Absenteism, Ines J., Jav, Roh, Tanja Mölholm & Zane Zlemeša.

“[A m]useum [e]xploration [g]ame filled with artwork and installations from over [40] artist[s] from around the world.”

We all know that digital games are not only about shooting monsters, solving puzzles or jumping over some platforms, as the medium itself can also bring up unusual and creative output. “The Zium Museum (2017)” is such a game. In 2017, 41 people came together and built up a most flamboyant virtual museum. Michael Berto organized the whole project and served as a curator. The final version is a wonderfully diverse place full of art made with different styles.

The museum is structured into four different floors. In the ground floor you will be welcomed to the project. Here you get your ‘tutorial’ instructions about the movement and interaction possibilities, but of course you will already be able to experience some art here. For example, you can grab some models of plants or fictional technological artifacts of the future and rotate them in your hands to get a better look.

The first floor mostly shows off drawings and sculptures. Here, cute cactus replica stand right next to the colorful landscape portraits. More paintings wait for you in the second floor, where it doesn’t matter if you are more into personal art like diary doodles or if would love to see a painting series about vases. “The Zium Museum (2017)” has got you covered for sure! And hey, if you would like something more interactive, I highly recommend you to visit the third floor: There you can not only find exquisite room installations like a bird café, but also separate atmospheric exploration scenes. Here you can either take a long trip to your apartment or seeking protection from the light irradiated by a monstrous building in the darkness.

“The Zium Museum (2017)” is a wonderful example of what games can be outside their traditional image. It is a space for art and experiments, for various means of expression and different thoughts, for collaboration and working together on something stunning. So take your ticket, get comfortable and take a walk into a museum you never thought of.