There Was the Moon

“There Was the Moon” by Ben Lapid.

“Explore an ancient monument and discover its true purpose. Meticulously crafted environments inspired by [science fiction] and dreams […] [and a] haunting atmosphere paired with a surreal soundscape [are waiting for you.] Solve puzzles as you complete the ritual step by step.”

From one second to the other, you find yourself in a mysterious place with only a bridge to an enormous, nearly brutalist building in front of you. There you find a message:

“A monolith stands still in the deep dark water.
Breathe deeply as the bells ring.
But steel yourself
For when it ends, penance begins.”

Penance for what? That is not passed on. But soon you will know at least that it gets done by preparing an ritual. That is how the demo version of “There Was the Moon” welcomes its players. Get ready for a fascinating experience that knows when it is either time to focus on exploration or on puzzles. Sometimes both elements fit together perfectly in the same moment. Patience or rather ease of mind is needed to delve further into the happenings, ravenous actionism will prove to be futile at some point.

Your goal in “There Was the Moon” for now is to find each item which is needed for the successful start of the ritual. Wash the sins of your kind away with the holy water of the luminaries. Find the dagger whose hilt still might feel warm from the touch of another hand. Open the gates to bring a rotating infernal machine to a standstill. That are only some of your tasks in this excellently atmospheric game.