Tomorrow Will Be Dying

“Tomorrow Will Be Dying” by Team Robo (nonagon & alwayspolite).

“B was popular among her class-mates in high school, […] but she hid away her true self in fear of being isolated. She found safety in the occult club alongside A, C and N, who all had strange interests of their own. However, by the end of their senior year, both A and N disappeared without a trace. Now B is a nineteen year-old entomology student pursuing her passions at Mokuzai University. She and C have gotten used to their daily life-styles with only each other around, but their paths only truly start to set in motion when A and N unexpectedly crash back into their lives.”

The demo version of “Tomorrow Will Be Dying” represents a pure interactive novel by now, but it also shows off the incredibly well arranged atmosphere. It introduces us to the lifes of four different characters called A, B, C and N so far. While A is a pure trouble maker who wants to intends to drop out of school, B is a former track team star who just became a bit of an outcast. Both of them join the occult club led by N, whose only other member is C. And like the quoted description already told you: Only the friendship of B and C continues, as A und N vanishes into thin air without any notice.

After the first couple of introduction scenes that are set in high school, a hard break comes in: B is now an university student and struggling with a part time job. She wakes up in the middle of the night thanks to a nightmare – one of her childhood friends, represented as a faceless figure, and herself are going through a flower field. Suddenly they say that B will not be fast enough. As B asks what exactly they mean by that, the answer strikes like a bolt through her heart: She will not be fast enough to save them. It appears that they died and that B still feels guilty for that.

Then C arrives and guides B out of her sleep paralysis. While B is happy about that coincidence of C helping her out, she is not that happy about her reason to be in the apartment after all. C had a fight with her parents and ran away, so now she is treating B’s flat as a hideout. That is the basic plot of “Tomorrow Will Be Dying” so far, but do not let this summary mislead you: There is something very special about the prototype so far. A certain type of mystery can be recognized while playing, and I am looking forward to see the implementations of the different features both of the developers promised in their successful Kickstarter campaign.

There are first little traces of other game mechanics like cooking or time management for special activities. Also, one of the stretch goals of the campaign mentions additional storylines to explore. And I have to admit that both, the character and environmental art, seems pretty delicate so far. That could become something beautiful, so maybe you should give it a try and become interested as well.