Toripon 鳥ポン

“Toripon 鳥ポン” by Victoria Smith, Zachary Williams, Akari Mizusaki, Mattias Lahound & Dimitry Miroluibov.

“Take photos of cute birds doing cute things, and make people happy on the internet! Explore a surprisingly spacious inner-city apartment filled with far too many pet birds doing their own silly things. […] Unlock new birds by taking the right pictures and try to find them all.”

Looking for a wholesome experience to lighten up your day? Maybe you should try out this photographing game called “Toripon 鳥ポン”. Here you live in a huge apartment which is filled with dozens of birdies. Not all of them are visible at the start, though, but by taking images of special birds or sometimes even objects, you can unlock more. Capturing a great picture of a quacking duck in the bathtub is just as possible as getting a look on a cute canary riding a roomba!

Whenever you take a picture in “Toripon 鳥ポン”, it will get uploaded to the fictional social media platform Branch. The more photographs you share, the more followers you will get. Hundreds, even thousands of other bird lovers are looking forward to see your stunning image collection and cannot wait to give you as well as your feathered models sweet feedback. In my opinion, this game does an excellent job to improve the mood of its players, thanks to the casual gameplay and the adorable aesthetics. Also, it is a lot of fun to discover the hiding spots of the newly arrived birdies. So relax a bit while attending a very unique photo session. [PLAY]