“WIZ” by Matthew Hobbs & Connor Grail.

“A puzzle game about manipulating blocks to reach greater knowledge.”

The increasingly difficult puzzle design of “WIZ” works well thanks to a step-by-step introduction to the game’s juicy block-sliding mechanic. In each level, the wizard has one goal only: To reach the exit flag. In order to do that, you as a player must manipulate the position of the blocks. Some can only move vertically, others only in a horizontal way and the rest of them can do both.

While these platforms are your best friends in “WIZ”, they can also harm you. The old mage is not able to jump anymore, so if a block runs over him or pushes him straight into a wall, the stage will be resetted. With some foresightful planning, you can protect him from such a brutal fate.

Not only are the movement patterns of the different block types important, but also their size. Smaller platforms can often be used to stop a larger platform from crushing into a wall directly, thereby creating a small spot for the wizard to hide. So, are you ready to help the wise man out with some magic sliding tricks, so that he will not jump into lava or run into spikes? Well then, off you go!