“Wurroom” by Michael Rfdshir & Serge Bulat.

“You are just a [cursor hand], lost in the undefined hyper wonderland, where visions, thoughts, and ideas from your subconscious, intermix with the fragments of “other”, inexperienced worlds.”

As a huge fan of the games made by Mason Lindroth and in general of games with a world made out of clay, I simply had to try out “Wurroom” as soon as I saw it – it did not disappoint me a bit. Not only are the graphics an absolute eye-catcher, but also is the puzzle design actively playing around with the materiality of clay. The plastic essence of all the objects in here are not just an artistic choice. Instead, it rises the curiosity of the players to interact with them, so they can trigger an actual change in this strange environment.

Just like children take some clay to build a tower and then suddenly decide to crush it down to form a tiger out of it, the puzzles as well as the ‘plot’ follow an associative logic. How to wake up a giant head sculpture made out of loam? Just grab the shovel and stick it in its forehead! Want to meet a fish? Just turn on the television! Each ending scene is the start of another one, each with its own rules and possibilities. It is a marvelous experience, as you will interact in ways you might not expect and also find yourself struggling a bit, but only to overcome each obstacle with some spirit of discovery. “Wurroom” is about playing, not about gaming, and that is truly something we all could need more often. [PLAY]