1st Alakajam!: Chrysopoeia

“Chrysopoeia” by Benjamin Soulé.

“You have [twelve] days to create gold from what you can find in the woods[.] Each day you will be able to work in one place. You can leave it anytime to go to next day.”

Grab a hot beverage like a coffee, a herb tea or your favorite magic potion and enjoy this little cozy adventure game called “Chrysopoeia”. Here, you have twelve days to create gold. That can be accomplished by mixing up several ingredients with each other. But they must be collected in the forest, and your wagon has just stowage for four of them; at least in the beginning. Also, you need to update your recipe list, because you cannot know for example if a mixture of a frog, a butterfly and a mushroom actually produces a diamond. Maybe the people from the market can help you out with that and other things. >>PLAY