2 Colors Game Jam: Alien Arrow Attack

“Alien Arrow Attack” by Chris Holtshouser.

“[A] fun, fast paced arcade game where players must quickly plan and predict the movement of enemies to defeat them with their arrow.”

In this arcade game, you must usually eliminate all enemies per level by adjusting the arrow’s path to your opponent’s location. That sounds pretty simple at first, but as the game progresses more and more of the alien creatures will emerge, putting you under pressure of time. But that can also be an advantage: If you kill more than two monsters with one shot, you get a small time bonus. Hooray for the power of combos!

But the best thing about this game is the relatively varied level design: Sometimes the aliens just roam the area, while in other levels, you have to hit as many targets as possible with just one shot, while in another sort of level It’s all about the protection of a base from alien attacks. All in all, a smoothly designed arcade game with some great (mini-)gameplay ideas. >>PLAY