2018 Spring Unreal Engine 4 Jam: SKYWARD

“SKYWARD” by Tyler Cowan & Roger Bilodeau.

“[A] short obstacle course game in which you play as a transforming ball.”

The ball you control in “SKYWARD” has three different transformation options. For one, it can transform into a ball with eight cubes in the corners. If the ball was accelerated before and then suddenly this shape is selected, it jumps forward. The second transformation possibility is the spiky shape in which the ball can attach to wooden surfaces and climb on them. The last option is the thruster form, in which the ball shoots out steam waves, making it easier to handle wider jumps.

Armed with these shapeshifting skills alone, players need to find the optimal, fastest way to finish each of the nine levels. Switching to one of the forms is done by using the mouse buttons while the movement itself is controlled by the keyboard. Often you have to switch back and forth between the shapes to survive a jump, but even if one or two mistakes happen, the individual checkpoints in “SKYWARD” will help you out. >>PLAY