2019 Epic MegaJam: My Friend is a Raven

“My Friend is a Raven” by Gavin Eisenbeisz.

“Play as Lutum, the last man alive after a devastating plague has swept the Earth clean. You return to your old apartment one last time, in search of a sickened raven. You must speak to him, and discover why such a calamity has spread across the world. Complete different puzzles, to unlock all three unique endings, and uncover the whole story behind Lutum, and the elusive raven.”

“My Friend is a Raven” is about the last human on Earth, after the ravens brought a plague over mankind. The survivor named Lutum wishes to speak to one of the black birds about their behavior, but to do so, he has to find a bait to lure them on the balcony. That’s where you come in: By going through Lutum’s apartment and interacting with the objects, you have to find a little treat that will satisfy the winged bringer of death. If you have done so, you can go out and have a conversation with the raven, but it may turn out not that well as you would hope.

Luckily, the game states that it has three different endings to unlock. While most people will run straight into the bad ending, it can be overcome with some spirit of discovery. Food is not everything, after all. Also, you might find out some useful information about the background story between Lutum and the raven, when you are keen to solve some little puzzles.

“My Friend is a Raven” is a delightful jam entry with an absolutely unique art style. The characters as well as the whole environment look simply great and create in combination with the grim plot an eerie, intense atmosphere. That game is really quite a gem and I’m happy that I had my own several talks with the mysterious bird. >>PLAY