2020 Epic MegaJam: Cloud Climber

“Cloud Climber” by Gavin Eisenbeisz.

“For over a hundred years people have been building towers to attempt to reach the clouds, so they can get the water they need to survive. And for over a hundred years [they have] failed. […] Explore the last monuments of humanity, as one of the only people alive, while coming to terms with the bleak reality that lies ahead.”

After I played “Cloud Climber”, I found myself thinking that this is one of the rare games that takes one of the most urgent threats of our times – namely climate change – and visualizes it in the form of a postmodern myth. The scenario shows a world where is it difficult to gather clear water, as all strips of land are parched. Humankind had to come up with a plan to acquire the precious resource, and so people chose to realize a ‘remake’ of the Tower of Babel.

Four gigantic towers made out of wood and stone were built, higher than any skyscrapers you can imagine. This endeavor was inspired by the hope that the next rain could be collected easier when one is at the same level as the clouds. However, the construction of the structures came with its own price: Thousands of builders died, not only because of the lack of rations, but also because of accidents. All those elements of the whole story behind “Cloud Climber” get told by short soliloquies of the protagonist as well as journal entries that were left behind in the workers quarters. So take ten minutes of your time to explore one post-apocalyptic version of our future with a very own spin. [PLAY]