7dfps 2020: SUPER IS HOT

“SUPER IS HOT” by Younès Rabii.

“[A “SUPERHOT” x “Baba Is You”] crossover game[.] Break the rules of time and rearrange them to get yourself out of tricky situations.”

The first month of the jam year 2021 starts with an absolute banger: In “SUPER IS HOT” the innovative concepts of “SUPERHOT” as well as “Baba Is You” are combined. If you are wondering how a fusion of a first-person shooter that breaks the rules of the time-space continuum and a puzzle game in which the attributes of all possible objects are mixed up by the players themselves can look like, I would love to explain the gameplay in a concise form.

In each level you can switch between two layers. The first layer is the “SUPERHOT” area, where the infamous orange people try to kill you with their guns. The second layer, on the other hand, is the surface of “Baba Is You”. Here you can control a small white figure that can move attribute boxes around. If these boxes are moved in such a way that a statement in the form “[X] IS [Y]” is created, then this has a direct effect on the first layer. “TIME IS STOP” thus causes time to be frozen, while “YOU IS MOVE” means that your own character can move freely.

This game mechanic, based on propositional logic, can of course also produce much crazier effects; for example, “SHOOT IS YOU” turns you into a deadly bullet yourself. In the six brain-teasing stages of “SUPER IS HOT” you can prove how great your imagination is, but also your timing skills. Treat yourself to this mashup made in heaven! [PLAY]