7DRL Challenge 2018: DEAD FACE

“DEAD FACE” by Jeremiah Reid.

“Dodge a whirlwind of bullets and rockets[.] Drive huge, multi-tile mechs or let the mechs fight for you[.] Wield rocket launchers, machine guns, drills, lasers, and flamethowers[.] Stay hidden or push your luck by stealing corporate secrets[.] Hack everything!”

Instead of just slaying down your enemies, you can hack and hijack them with a fast-paced puzzle ‘fighting’ system in “DEAD FACE”. Run several programs to slash down the memory of your foes, but be careful, as you do not have much time, and sometimes you simply need a new combination of commands to fight them successfully. Each new combination will reduce your timespan anyway. Whenever you are successful with hacking them, you can move around with those enormous mechas and fight others. >>PLAY