7DRL Challenge 2018: Dealing with Demons

“Dealing with Demons” by admung & blabberf.

“Every [five] floors you will encounter demons who offer powerful boons at a heavy price. Can you make it to [the thirty-first] floor […] and release the Demon King from his seal?”

The fighting system in “Dealing with Demons”, which consists of attacking and dashing, is easy to use and eases the access to the game for potential players. Each floor you will encounter two different foe types: Other sword-wielding demons and robed wizards, who are able to launch energy orb projectiles. Before you can progress further to the next stage, you have to clear the room of all enemies.

Every five floors, a demon will offer you a huge advantage for a high price. Do you really want to do more damage with your attacks, when your movement gets sluggish in exchange? Is it wise to lower your fighting range just to double your maximum health? Those are your decisions to make in the wonderfully designed dungeon crawler “Dealing with Demons”. >>PLAY