7DRL Challenge 2018: Patient Rogue

“Patient Rogue” by Oleg Dolya.

“A roguelite card-based game[.]”

The smooth gameplay of “Patient Rogue” has its core in the intuitive, easy to use card game interface. You can fight with your weapons by dragging and dropping them on your enemies or equip an armor on you. However, be aware of the durability of those objects, which is symbolized by the little squares on each card when it is a weapon or with the counter when it is an armor.

Also, the dungeon is filled with spike traps and alerts, which will open up all the foe cards of the floor. Do not forget to use some of the spells and to eat, because if you let your character starve, he will lose one hit point per turn. And I nearly forgot to mention that you are just allowed to have five cards in your hand at maximum. Sounds complicated? Do not worry, after one round of “Patient Rogue” you will have it all figured out. >>PLAY