7DRL Challenge 2018: Zombie Rogue

“Zombie Rogue” by gamefish.

“[A] turn-based survival and strategy game […] [with a] zombie apocalypse [setting.]”

What fascinates me about “Zombie Rogue” is not the relatively high amount of different weapons and items that were implemented or the neat background music. Instead, it is the game mechanical twist: Whenever you move around, your infection level will rise. You can reduce it by consuming the antiserum, which may drop by slaying enemies or sometimes can be simply found on the ground.

Although, whenever the infection breaks out, you will turn into a zombie, and the other undead creatures will not attack you any longer in this state just like you cannot hurt them then. You can use that as an tactical advantage if you encounter enormous hordes of zombies, but it will also constantly reduce your health. You still have the chance of becoming human again by drinking another antiserum. This alternating concept of “Zombie Rogue” leads to an interesting strategical gameplay. >>PLAY