A Game By Its Cover 2017: 地獄・Hell

“地獄・Hell” by babylon brooks.

“Time it right and crack the egg! If you miss, [it will] turn into a chick, so time it right and give it food! When it grows up and lays an egg, time it right and crack the egg! Crack the egg, and if you fry it up, time it right and eat up! If you [cannot] fry it up, you will be sent to hell.”

“地獄・Hell” is a game that can be summarised in a single word: Eggcellent. This intricate dark comedy is a one of a kind experience in which players assume the role of a depraved chicken. Players must traverse their way through three unique stages of gameplay, each more ludicrous than the last and constantly increasing the hilarity of the game, eventually coming full circle and climaxing with a wholly satisfying and brilliantly absurd ending.

“地獄・Hell” begins with an innocent “WarioWare” themed egg cooking minigame, lulling players into a false sense of security for what is to come. Upon failure, an egg will be spared the flames of the cooker and you will begin your life as a chick. As a chick you are thrust into a lush pixel platformer-styled world, in which you can explore a quaint kitchen and the land behind it. In this segment, your goal is to acquire as much food as possible. Gaining enough food will reward you with adulthood as well as the ability to lay an egg and assume the role of another chicken. These new feathered friends of yours can be stacked upon each other and provide a bird-based ladder for you to climb. Using this ladder, players can access the stove once more, providing the opportunity to replay the cooking themed minigame. This time the game is far from innocent and sees your chicken fuelling its cannibalistic tendencies by casting its kin into the frying pan, each egg adding to your sins.

For the horrific deeds you have just committed, your chicken is cast into the outer depths of hell. Doomed to spend an eternity of suffering roaming its overhead dungeon-like hellscape; until of course you stumble upon a conveniently placed pistol. Overall, “地獄・Hell” is a tremendous experience and absolutely worth your time. It is a unique and well-paced game, that is sure to leave you with a smile on your face. It is simply astonishing how much the developer behind it was able to achieve within the game jam period and I sincerely hope that the project receives the recognition it deserves. >>PLAY