A Game By Its Cover 2018: Mai-Chan’s Sweet Buns

“Mai-Chan’s Sweet Buns” by Krystian Majewski & Sebastian Haßler.

“A tile-matching puzzle with the sweetest, bounciest pastries.”

Tile-matching puzzle games can be pretty boring, but this one is quite amazing and super cute! Also, it features three different game modes: ‘Normal’, ‘Hard’ and ‘Infinite’. But what exactly is your task? At the start of a round, you will be dealt four order cards from a stack, consisting of either a total of 24 order cards (in ‘Normal’ and ‘Hard’ mode) or of countless many (’Infinite’ mode). These orders must now be processed by selecting a horizontal or vertical row of bakery goods from your playing field that is exactly the same length as your order. Once an order is ready, the next card is drawn. You win a round in the ‘Normal’ or ‘Hard’ mode whenever you are out of order cards.

If you win a round, you will receive coins as a reward. The coins allow you to unlock new pastries and exchange them with your assortment. No more fancy pretzels? Okay, just unlock the brownie and exchange them! The number of coins depends on your game mode (the multiplier for the coins is higher in ‘Hard’ mode, of course) and the number of star points you are able to accumulate in a round. Star points can be gained by placing four pastries of the same sort in a vertical or horizontal line. However, these star points can also be very useful, because they allow you to activate the special powers of your pastries.

Each pastry has an unique ability. For example, with the ‘Nom’ ability of the sweet buns you can eat any kind of food off the field, while Taiyaki’s ‘Sakasa’ ability turns the entire board upside down and cupcakes with their ‘Flip’ ability allow you to swap two baked goods vertically.

You lose a round the moment you can not complete any of the four orders, and if you do not have any star points in your box at the top left of the box at the same time. It is therefore important to choose a strategically well-considered set of pastries and to keep a close eye on what is happening on the game board in order to progress in “Mai-Chan’s Sweet Buns”. So enjoy this sweet game with its wonderful pixel art and chiptune music, while you masterfully arrange all the pastries! Have fun and bon appétit! >>PLAY