A Game By Its Cover 2018: Treasure Chest #85

Screenshot of "The Fractures in Your Mind"

“The Fractures in Your Mind” by Maggese (Giorgio Carlino & Dario D’Ambra).

Social media are at their core something fantastic, but they can lead their users to create an online persona that does not correspond in all aspects to their own character. A possible outcome is to feel disconnected from themselves, or fragmented. When you ever felt such a thing and tried to reflect all these pieces and your own relationship with them, then this poetic game will resonate with you. It is like a beautifully designed and short journey into our thoughts in the digital age.

Screenshot of "Potsu Potsu"

“Potsu Potsu” by GalvaFUCKGAMEDEV & Snare.

In this unusual, relaxing simulation game, you will find some equipment on the floor of your apartment. With its help you can conjure up your own perfect rainfall plus the sound design.

Screenshot of "OTHERS"

“OTHERS” by Kai Werder.

You find yourself standing on a platform where a crowd of people with red umbrellas wander around. Suddenly, the sky opens its doors to you, spreading a white, almost spiral staircase. Will you step up? If so, what will wait there for you? Overall, this cryptic alternative jam game sticks up with its excellently crafted atmosphere.