A Game By Its Cover 2018: Treasure Chest #87

Screenshot of "Chromesthesia"

“A Lullaby of Colors” by Andrew C. Wang.

Explore procedurally generated worlds in this colorful experience. Glide through the air as you watch sounds transforming into colors and tunes into shapes. Just relax, and if you want to move on to a new realm, just chase after one of the balls and touch it, as a new environment with its own little characteristics already awaits you.

Screenshot of "Hot Pot"

“Hot Pot” by JayChris Manthey & Zugai89.

In this game, you are a cookware of the particularly intelligent and combative sort: If someone on the street tells you that they are hungry, you search for the different ingredients and steal them from strangers. But be careful, as they are not too thrilled about your commitment.

Screenshot of "Dreamberry Island"

“Dreamberry Island” by axoona.

On a miraculous as well as wonderful island grow trees with very special fruits: The so-called dreamberries. Whoever eats them can enter one of four dreamscapes and experiences the most different things there. Your dinner turns into a pile of cows, a submarine gets flooded and stared at by glowing creatures, a dance floor in the middle of the universe is waiting for your moves, while huge rubber balls bounce rhythmically up and down on a planet.