A Game By Its Cover 2019: Hōrō – 放浪

“Hōrō – 放浪” by CowThing.

“Find the mysterious Kirin horn[!] […] Wander through the forest and find the exit. At the end of each level you will camp and can cook any food you have to gain a buff for the next day.”

Nine days, tha i’s the length of your journey through this wonderous forest. On your way to the item you desire – the mystical Kirin horn -, you will encounter different animals and creatures that will attack you on sight. When it is daytime, beetles will crawl towards you to sting. Little fishes will swim to the riverside to bump against your body. Monkeys will appear behind tall grass, attack at first and then flee, just to repeat their doings. Do not worry too much, because you are not defenseless. In the woods you can find melee and distance weapons, but also health potions, upgrade scrolls and food, which will strengthen you on the next day one way or another. Just make sure that you still have enough space in your backpack.

Anyway, “Hōrō – 放浪” is not a very difficult or overwhelmingly challenging game. But it is made with such a love for details and with such a passion for the little things, that I completely adore it. For instance, the transitions effects between the three different time cycles (morning, daytime and night) as well as the weather effects are beautiful. Another example is the ability to cut the grass with the weapons or that walking speed drops when you go into a lake. Also, you can play it in a completely pacifist way, which is still quite uncommon nowadays. [PLAY]