Adventure Jam 2017: Chook & Sosig: Hit The Club

“Chook & Sosig: Hit The Club” by TookiPalooki.

“A very small point and click adventure game set in a pub. The characters are animals in different states of mortality, because any business is good business.”

In “Chook & Sosig: HIt The Club” you have to bring the cat Sosig into some kind of goblin roleplaying club. But to do so, you have to pass the three trials: You need to steal an item from somebody, you need to make an undead creature laugh and also you have to show your power of destruction. To do so, you have to solve several puzzles, and let me tell you that the puzzle design is well done and sometimes quirky in a positive way.

I also enjoyed the game for its amazing comic art and the sparkling music! The whole audiovisual representation is excellent and provides a funny, energetic experience. Go ahead and play it, it’s worth it! >>PLAY