Adventure Jam 2017: Treasure Chest #36

Screenshot of "A Friendly Venture"

“A Friendly Venture” by clman94, Catherine Guevara & WarlordofWaffles.

It begins with a dark prologue and your character can be found alone in the darkness – but when they go through a sparkling entrance, they will be suddenly visiting the colorful Dreamland. There is only one problem: Not everything is like it seems. A nice adventure demo which reminds me a bit of “UNDERTALE”, thanks to the quirky characters and a challenging ‘boss battle’ as well.

Screenshot of "Dinner With An Owl"

“Dinner With An Owl” by BoringSuburbanDad & Katrine Sæthren.

This game has an enormous “Twin Peaks” vibe to it, which might get evoked by the choice of colors and the characters, especially the already mentioned owl. Here you have not only to escape an arcane mansion, but a mysterious cycle of transformation. Whenever the owl named Mr. Brown gets killed in the later hours, he will haunt the body of his killer and suppress his soul.

Screenshot of "03:17 am"

“03:17 am” by Oddly Shaped Pixels (Renaud Despinois), Marcos Vendrell & Le Gone.

This lovely designed interactive novel features multiple endings, which all focus on one decision the player has to make. The diner setting is ideal to tell this story, which may take one or two interesting twists.