Adventure Jam 2017: Treasure Chest #37

Screenshot of "The Temple of ADVENTURE"

“The Temple of ADVENTURE” by Stuart LilfordTom Clayton, James Bennett-Hill & Ben Sutcliffe.

A humorous metagame, where several parts of the average AAA adventure gaming experience are recreated with the help of the whole ‘level’ design and the voice-acting by the game’s developer. You want cinematics? Sure, just start the video cassette recorder. The simulation of the loading time? Just wait in the elevator. Overall, this adventure game is a nice jam submission in the spirit of “The Stanley Parable”.

Screenshot of "Holy Molluscamony"

“Holy Molluscamony” by Charlotte Gore.

This point and click adventure game follows the good old ScummVM tradition with its design. It is all about a wedding, where the bride was cloned by a slug monster, so you have to figure out who is who. To do so, you have to find beer, salt and other items. All the crazy wedding guests will not make your quest any easier, but at least you can hear them speak with the help of finest British voice-acting!

Screenshot of "The Treasure of Loch Inch"

“The Treasure of Loch Inch” by Simon Reid.

This point and click adventure is about a treasure hunt on an island, but before you can actually go after it, you have to find a way to the island! At least there is a jet ski in the abandoned house, but sadly without any fuel. But did the weird fisherman not have a bottle of super strong whiskey with him?