Adventure Jam 2018: Antenna dilemma

“Antenna dilemma” by Goloso GamesPhilip Aldous.

“C432632 is waiting patiently for his favorite show to come on. Unfortunately, something unexpected happens – his television suddenly looses signal.”

If one’s life is determined by an addiction, it can lose color. Everything else except the object of desire seems uninteresting and drab. But what happens if this addiction affects not just one individual, but a whole world? The story of “Antenna dilemma” is about television addiction and how it is fully supported by a faceless government. Although the game is only the first chapter in a potentially larger series of point and click adventure games, this narrative premise has already been successfully implemented.

With a mix of humor which is rich in puns and charming puzzle design, it is quite fun to immerse yourself in the black-and-white world of the cube person C432632. His television antenna has broken down and now he must repair it at all costs. Especially sweet is the detail that the cube apologizes for all his atrocities with a note to the injured in “Antenna dilemma”. Did you open the neighbor’s letters? Do not worry, a little note with a reference to the rule F8.23, which states that you can do anything to repair your television set, is enough. Did you smash the glass of a vending machine that has eaten your money? That is okay, stick a note quoting the rule 2F3.9 on it.

The ending scene, where C432632 notices that the world is not as it always seemed to him, is particularly enchanting. A diabolical plan is slowly revealed with the help of an extraterrestrial creature. Can they both together stop the conspiracy? That is sadly a cliffhanger for now, but I am interested in seeing how it will all turn out. >>PLAY