Adventure Jam 2018: Aye Fair Lady

“Aye Fair Lady” by Charlotte Gore, Victoria Hudson, Sally Beaumont, Glen Smith & John Leach.

“It’s a point and click adventure. And it’s a musical. And it’s a comedy. And it’s in full colour. And it’s set in Yorkshire. And it has robots in it. So if you’ve always wondered when you were going to get a Yorkshire based comedy musical with robots that’s also a point and click adventure, now you know. It’s right now.”

There are only two types of people on this earth. The group that hate them, and the group that loves them: Of course I’m talking about musical numbers! I myself belong to the second category. Whenever a movie or television series has a musical scene, my heart beats faster and I just want to sing along. But very rarely can you find a musical number in a video game (apart from the great shit opera song in “Conkers Bad Fur Day”, but that’s another story). So it’s all the more terrific for me that Charlotte Gore created a musical point-and-click adventure!

Once a year the ‘Mandatory Singing Day’ takes place in Yorkshire – whoever speaks then instead of singing is considered as a criminal. Therefore, the protagonist Steggy wants to put an end to this tyrannical activity. However, she has to win a song contest to eliminate the head of the community and thereby his rules. For this to succeed, she needs a new outfit, some decent dance moves and the right song lyrics. The ideal material for a point-and-click adventure of a different kind.

In addition, the developer has received support from professional voice actors and actresses. They give each song a very special charm. Those who do not feel quite warm when a little robot sings about impossible love have no heart at all. And who does not burst into tears when a puppeteer teacher sings about the fascination of her passion, … Well, actually you are right. All in all a terrific game! >>PLAY