Adventure Jam 2018: Aye Fair Lady

“Aye Fair Lady” by Charlotte Gore, Victoria Hudson, Sally Beaumont, Glen Smith & John Leach.

“[If you have] always wondered when you were going to get a Yorkshire based comedy musical with robots [that is] also a point and click adventure, […] [it is] right now.”

There are only two types of people living on our Earth. The one group that hates them, and the other group that loves them: Musical numbers! I belong to the second category, of course. Whenever a movie or a television series features a musical scene, my heart beats faster and I just want to sing along. But very rarely can you find a musical number in a video game, so I was super excited when I saw “Aye Fair Lady” being published.

Once a year the Mandatory Singing Day takes place in Yorkshire, meaning that whoever speaks instead of singing is considered a criminal on this special occasion. Therefore, the protagonist Steggy wants to put an end to this tyrannical activity in “Aye Fair Lady”. However, she has to win a song contest to eliminate the head of the community and thereby his rules. For this plan to succeed, she needs a new outfit, some decent dance moves and the right song lyrics. If that is not the ideal material for a point and click adventure of a different kind, then I do not know what is.

In addition, the developer has received support from professional voice actors and voice actresses. All of them give each song a very special charm. Honestly, if you do not feel quite warm inside when a little robot sings about impossible love, then you might have no heart at all. >>PLAY