Adventure Jam 2018: door

“door” by Common Colors (Bryan Thomas Atkinson, Jonas Fisch & Owen Twaites) & Voice Acting Power Squad.

“Imagine waking up, not knowing where you are […] or [who] you are. Examine your surroundings, solve puzzles and uncover a horrific truth.”

Most escape room games are about finding a way out. And while “door” has this goal too, it also asks the question of whether this escape is worthwhile at all. You wake up without any memory of anything or anyone in a chamber with a presumably dead scientist hanging from its ceiling. The room itself has two doors: The first leads to the relentless truth, while the second leads to a puzzle that must be solved in order for the first door to open at all.

The puzzle itself is not too difficult. If you have been paying attention to art class and browsing through every corner of the two rooms, you will be faced with the really crucial question of “door” in a couple of minutes. However, it is exactly this final scene that represents the absolute highlight of this game, because only here the metanarrative will enfold. Without spoilering too much, I would recommend you to play it on your own, especially if you are interested in the topics of free will and determinism. >>PLAY