Adventure Jam 2018: Snowspirit

“Snowspirit” by Phil Fortier.

“Up high in the mountains, you wake up from your summer hibernation, only to find things are not quite as you expected. […] [The] line between dream and reality is blurred as you try to restore order to the natural world.”

When a snowman-like creature awakes from its summer sleep, it realizes that winter has not returned. However, with the help of some pictograms and curious events, it quickly becomes clear that a ritual has to be held in “Snowspirit” before the cold season can come back again. In a well-hidden cave there is a pit in which you have to put a few drops of water, a crystal and a flower.

But even though all of these items are almost close enough to touch, the little snow creature cannot grab them. The pictograms also help here, as they reveal that the real world is connected with some dreamscapes. Although no object can be taken from a dream into reality and vice versa, the actions performed inside a dream can have consequences on the real world as well as the other dreamscapes. This concept makes “Snowspirit” a wonderfully mysterious adventure with a sophisticated puzzle design, that you can either play with a point and click or with a text parser interface. >>PLAY