Adventure Jam 2018: Spy Quest 1 – Mission: SPECTRUM

“Spy Quest 1 – Mission: SPECTRUM” by Steven Don.

“[A] tribute to the older text parser adventure games as made in the 1980s by Sierra. […] You play as Agent N of the HCA (Highly Clandestine Agency) and are on a mission to infiltrate Spectrum Enterprises’ corporate HQ to find out what nefarious scheme they are about to unleash on an unsuspecting world.”

Wow. Have you ever wondered how many well-hidden references to oldschool games (especially to the adventure games of Sierra Entertainment) a game can contain? “Spy Quest 1 – Mission: SPECTRUM” could be the answer as it is in the best sense an absolute firework of allusions!

In this game you control Agent N on his quest to stop the evil plans of the mega-corporation Spectrum Enterprise. But for this to succeed, many steps must be taken. You must use your technical spying equipment to steal classified information, gain access to a restricted elevator, and of course you must also close your car. Wait, what?

While you can move Agent N with the arrow keys, all other actions must be entered as text input. Don’t worry, the text parser works very well and recognizes many different phrases for completing a specific task. Furthermore, the whole puzzle design is a real pleasure, because it is strongly based on the design of classic games. Some tasks are optional and some other puzzles offer more than one clear solution. All in all, it’s a terrific jam game that invites you to play it multiple times, because you’ll miss some details and secrets in your first playthrough for sure! >>PLAY