Adventure Jam 2018: Treasure Chest #59

Screenshot of "While Dreaming"

“While Dreaming” by Eight Bit Skyline.

Each time this game gets played, its story changes. This happens not only by exchanging the dream sequences or by changing their order, but also by slight contextual modifications of them. This way of making dreams tangible in ludic form is an extremely effective and aesthetically functioning principle.

Screenshot of "Short-term Battery"

“Short-term Battery” by Mateo Robayo Rodríguez.

A battery hitwoman with a very bad short-term memory tries to remember why she wants to kill her victim at all. For this reason, she has to find an old cassette with the related information, but her notes are very vague about that.

Screenshot of "The Democracy Times"

“The Democracy Times” by Giovanny Beltran.

You work as an editor-in-chief of a newspaper that is threatened by outside forces. They want to censor your content and you have to decide whether to let yourself be intimidated or to bear the consequences for your actions. To animate you to replay, the game has a total of nine different endings.