Adventure Jam 2020: Long Distance Coughing

“Long Distance Coughing” by Troels Pleimert, Bjørn Okkels Birk Sundgaard, Alice Grunstra, Wesley Isacks, Jason Cryer, Francisco González, Mette Florentin Hansen, Dave Gilbert, Richard Cobbett, Mikhail Vokabre, Steven Don, Rikard Peterson, Jon Paul Sapsford, Steven Alexander, Kevin Wallace, Paul Nicholas, Rob Boberty, Michael Counsell, Amy Tant, Thomas Frederik Achim Nielsen & Nicklas Falk.

“You play as Jim Fusobactruski[,] […] [a very] sick man who [has] just locked himself in his basement! Armed with a phone you must seek the means to free yourself! Can you escape? And what will you find as you rummage through old secrets?”

Locking yourself out of your apartment is a bad thing; locking yourself inside the basement is even worse. That happens to Jim Fusobactruski, husband to the famous virologist Dr. Samantha Fusobactruski. Luckily for Jim, he has his mobile phone with him, so he calls Samantha in hope that she can help him out. However, Jim’s wife is not able to come home from work right now, so she tells him to search for the spare key that should be lying around down there.

As Jim is looking in every corner, he finds strange notes regarding a stranger named Bob, and one of those pieces of paper was even written by the unknown man. It is addressed to Samantha, telling her that if she likes games that much, she should give him a call, if she can figure out Bob’s new phone number that is hidden in a puzzle. Jim does his best, and when he eventually succeeds and calls the new-found contact, he gets connected with a detective that is actually looking for Bob – not because he thinks Bob is the suspect in one of his crime cases, but instead the victim. It turns out that he will be right, as not only clutter and junk found their way into the basement, but also a corpse.

While the plot of “Long Distance Coughing” might make it sound it would be a combination between an adventure and a detective game with a grim or even horrifying atmosphere, I assure you that this is not the case. To the contrary: It is absolutely hilarious, as the jam submission happens to be a game featuring a bunch of full motion video cutscenes. All the actors and actresses and anyone involved in the voice-acting give this title a fun, light touch with their delightful exaggerating play.

So be prepared for some goofy adventure action, where you try to find answers to many questions like “Who killed Bob?”, “Can Samantha be trusted?”, “How the heck do I escape from the basement, if I cannot find the key?” and of course “Why are buckets so amazing?”. That is for you to figure out! >>PLAY