Adventure Jam 2020: Spy Quest 2 – Operation: BOGROLL

“Spy Quest 2 – Operation: BOGROLL” by Steven Don, Jason Cryer, Erika Sanderson, Durinde, Natalie Winter, Paul Thomas & Dirk M. Weger.

“[You] play as Agent N of the […] Highly Clandestine Agency […] and have been assigned the crucial task of ensuring a steady supply of toilet paper despite all the hoarding during the global norovirus pandemic of 2020[.] […] Something smells bad about this whole situation!”

Two years ago, Steven Don submitted “Spy Quest 1 – Mission: SPECTRUM” for the Adventure Jam 2018. The adventure game was so charmingly designed, that it was one of our five jam games of the year 2018 in the “Nostalgia” category. This year, he created the second part of the “Spy Quest” series called “Spy Quest 2 – Operation: BOGROLL”, and he also got some awesome support, as several voice actors and voice actresses bring the characters come to life.

Again we step into the role of Agent N, but this time, the storyline of “Spy Quest 2 – Operation: BOGROLL” got inspired by recent events: The coronavirus outbreak and the correlating strange changes in the purchasing behavior of people. As toilet paper and pasta become scarce resources, one cannot help but wonder why humanity has developed such a high interest in those products. The Highly Clandestine Agency gets worried and sends their best man, Agent N, to solve the mystery. The starting point for his research is the toilet paper mega enterprise TP Incorporated. But there he already faces his first opponent: Stacy the receptionist. He got her fired in the first “Spy Quest” game, so it will not be easy to get any useful information from her.

However, with the help of some fancy gadgets like your trusty laptop or the infamous Identkit, which can forge documents with the right template, and with a sharp mind you can surely unravel the big conspiration behind it all. Just ask yourself one question: Qui bono? Or should I rather say: Qui bolognese? [PLAY]