AdvXJam: Hair of the Dog

“Hair of the Dog” by Tall Story Games (Tom Hardwidge & Emma Hardwidge) & David Howlett.

“After a mysterious explosion over Victorian London, Cummerbund Bandersnatch visits his uncle to find [he has] been experimenting with a new formula[.] […] Seduced by the promises in his uncle’s journal, Cummerbund decides to drink the same formula and discovers that his life will no longer be the same again (at least between the hours of [08:00 p.m. to 08:00 a.m.] daily). Can he reverse the effects of the formula before [it is] too late?”

“Hair of the Dog” is a wonderfully designed point and click adventure that features a Victorian setting, swell pixel art and voice acting as well as puzzles which do not require too abstruse trains of thought to be solved. However, the most extravagant feature is definitely the day-night cycle and its direct effects on the game. Not only changes the cityscape when the night arrives as shops close and citizens go into their homes instead of relaxing in the park, but also does our main protagonist – a young fellow called Cummerbund Bandersnatch – transform into a wolf-like figure.

Although, this state is not to be confused with the traditional werewolf transformation. Cummerbund still has complete control over his actions, he is still quite civil and not beset with some kind of never-ending appetite for flesh or anything like that. He just looks like a hairier, smaller and chubbier version of himself. But he also has a greater sense of smell, which will prove useful to progress in “Hair of the Dog”. So if you are looking for a well crafted game with British humor at its best, your search ends. To the creators I have only one thing left to say: Felicitations, my dear chaps and chapesses! [PLAY]